Who am I?

I'm proud of my deep roots in District 6. My wife Jenn and I live, work, and raise our family here. We fell in love with the community when we first moved to Clairemont, and we are here to stay.  We spend our free time as a family at the libraries, public parks, and recreation centers of District 6, and attend a church located near MCAS Miramar.


As an attorney whose education began in District 6—first as a community college student at Mesa College, then as an undergraduate at National University—I recognize the essential role that education plays in helping young people achieve their goals.


As a biotech executive, I recognize the vital importance of the innovative science-based companies that call San Diego home—many of which are located right here in District 6. These companies help find cures and treatments for human diseases while providing good jobs and career opportunities to so many people in our community.


As a professional working near Convoy Street for years, I value the cultural contributions of our Asian-American residents and businesses in our district, and will work to highlight the importance they play in San Diego. The Convoy Street business district could be another success story like Little Italy, and I will work to make that happen.


In short, I consider myself fortunate to benefit from all that District 6 has to offer, and I feel it is my responsibility to serve our community. To fight for our right to live in this beautiful place free of corruption, free of worry about the safety of our children. To do all I can for all the citizens who we call neighbors.

Why I’m running?

I’m running to make a difference in the lives of working families and small business owners in District 6. I will work tirelessly to represent their interests at City Hall, not special interests.


This is a critical time for District 6, which is in desperate need of new leadership. Our current council member has proven he cannot be trusted to do his job, which is to represent the needs of our community. He is under investigation by the state attorney general for using his personal email to leak a confidential memo from the city attorney.


District 6 deserves a leader who is honest, competent, and puts the needs of the people in the district first. If elected, I will be the only attorney on the city council, and I have a proven track record of standing up for what is right and fighting for our communities. I can repair the damage done by the current council member and focus on ensuring San Diego has an open, transparent government.

The difference I will make

As an attorney and biotech executive, I bring a fresh perspective to City Hall. Attorneys are required to zealously represent their clients, and I view being council member the same way: To zealously serve the communities of District 6. I am putting special interests on notice.


I will tackle issues like public safety, affordable housing, and homelessness with an honest and clear approach. And I’ll work with anyone—Democrat or Republican—to create policies and programs that are achievable, protect the taxpayer, and make a positive difference in the lives of our residents.

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